MK 1

The Powerdock Domestic is designed where the quick and easy access to a power unit is needed without the clutter of cables. Can be fixed vertically, horizontally and even inverted. When needed, the unit is simply pulled up by the metal handles. It is easily lowered back into the work surface by pressing the lock release button.

MK 2

The second generation flush mounted Powerdock features a sleek, upgraded design with an innovative gas strut raising mechanism. The unit has selection of 3 international power outlets, a thermal overload switch and an attractive LED illumination ring. To raise, a simply press on the top and the unit is automatically raised into position by the gas strut. To close, push down until the clip-in mechanism locks into place.

Features MK 1

Robust aluminium construction

Built-in thermal overload switch rated at 15A

Below surface outlet for under counter appliances

Liquid proof seal (splash protection)

Easy installation

Features MK 2

Easy up gas strut mechanism

Robust aluminium construction

Built-in thermal overload switch rated at 15A

Attractive LED power indicators

Easy installation

Flush mounting

Electrical MK 1 & 2

Operating voltage: 220V – 250V AC @ 50 Hz

Current: 15A

Max power:

3000W @ 220V – 250V AC

Local electrical regulations determine the final electrical rating of the system. For higher current ratings, please consult your distributor directly.

Dimensions MK 1 & 2

Mounting hole diameter 95mm


Modular Power Solutions


A modular, aluminium-based workstation power outlet system that allows customization according to the number of power, voice / data, switches and protections devices desired.


A brand new range of ultra-compact power supply units, the Slimline family includes four distinctively styled profiles to suit any domestic or corporate environment.


This is the concept of a power tower to the next level with the new Gemini unit. It features a world-first double-sided design and an ultra-smooth gas-strut mechanism to automatically raise the unit from its discrete flush-mounting.


The SOHO is an elegant and versatile solution to small, and home-office cabling management.


The Optima is a modular aluminium-based workstation power outlet system. It is fully customizable, and available in a variety of finishes and colours.

Rotodock (Manual)

Computer-aided research and testing has led to re-enforcement of critically loaded parts, resulting in greatly increased durability and extended operational life span of the Rotodock.

One Touch (Motorised)

The One-Touch has been engineered to operate smoothly, silently and swiftly. Driven by a powerful precision German motor, it requires just one touch to rotate the unit, revealing power and data outlets.


The Punto is a complementary addition to any desktop. It consists of a single power outlet, with a selection of international standards, and two peripheral connectors – choose from USB, data, RCA, or HDMI ports.

Powerdock Domestic

The Powerdock Domestic, available in two versions, is designed where the quick and easy access to a power unit is needed without the clutter of cables.

Powerdock Corporate

The Powerdock Corporate is an in-desk mounted power units that features a wide variety of data, voice and power formats for all purposes.

Powerdock Horizontal

Mounted horizontally within the work surface, the PDH has the the ability to tilt up, exposing the sockets and peripherals to the surface. The unit can be closed while plugs are still attached.


Alpha products are as wide and varied as your imagination. The sleek, minimalist styling offers a clean, functional presence with an almost limitless selection of customized options.

Oblique Power Base

The Oblique range is modular electrical power outlet system available in a variety of outlet configurations and manufactured from tough, high grade engineering plastic materials.